COMMAND Certification Course June 2014


The Office Of The BC Athletic Commissioner is sponsoring a unique training opportunity

instructed by internationally known referees

Jerin Valel and Big John McCarthy

Jerin and Big John will be providing training for:

Certification For New Professional MMA Judges

Recertification For Previously Certified Command Judges

Recertification For Previously Certified Command Referees

Training For Amateur MMA Referees

Leading to recognition by The BCAC for Amateur Status

VENUE: Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport

(President Ballroom – A) 8181 Cambie Road, Richmond BC

DATE: JUNE 7, 8, 9, 2014

TIME: 8:00AM – 8:00PM

PRICE: $250 CDN (+GST)

Register early! Limited space available!

Registration forms are posted on the website

Your completed registration forms must be received by May 31, 2014


If you need more information, please contact us:

EMAIL: athletic.commissioner at • PHONE: 1-855-952-6760

Western Canadian Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships 2014

WCBJJ poster vs5

Saturday, June 28, 2014

South Okanagan Events Centre,
853 Eckhardt Ave West, Penticton, BC

The South Okanagan Events Center in Penticton BC is home this year to the largest BJJ tournament in Western Canada. Enter to this series to build on your skills in the most awesome combat sport around.



The 2014 West Coast Combat Championship takes place on Sunday, April 27th 2014 at 3121 Kingsway in Vancouver. We are offering divisions for:

- Teens (13-16 years)

- Adults (Male and Female)

- Masters (30 years and up)

This Round Robin Submissions-Only tournament has been for years the most exciting tournament on the West Coast, so don’t miss out!

The weight-in starts at 9:00am and all fights start at 10:00am sharp.

Early Registration ends on March 21th, 2014. Sign up online today and pay only

- $65 plus tax for one BJJ or one No-Gi Grappling division (up to 10 fights)

- $20 plus tax for an additional division (up to 20 fights)

Spectators are free

Registration after March 21st, 2014 is $85 for one and $20 for each additional division.


A night with boxing legend Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini – Vancouver, BC

A night with Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini

A night with boxing legend Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini.
May 1st 2014 – Vancouver
Tickets: $20
For information contact IL CENTRO at 604 430 3337 or visit

Ray Mancini and Profile Films present the award winning documentary, The Good Son: The Life of Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini. This documentary focuses on Ray Mancini’s own personal account of his families history, his father’s legacy and Mancini’s own meteoric rise and fall. From the unsolved killing of his brother to the tragic Deuk-Koo Kim fight, which would alter Ray’s life forever, “The Good Son” excavates mysteries, creating an intimate history; a saga of father’s and sons, loss and redemption. Featuring Mickey Rourke, Ed O’Neil, Sugar Ray Leonard and historic interviews with Kim’s own family, including his own son, Jiwan Kim.

For more information:

Vtali Klitschko with Protesters in the Ukraine


Former world heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko now leads the opposition fighting martial law and oppression in the Ukraine.

Klitschko is clearly in the thick of things, but I dont think the authorities really know who they are messing with…

YouTube Preview Image

Europeans will get MMA if there is a ball

Florentine Football

… looks like one of the wildest sports around. Before the rules came down in the middle ages that in Football (soccer) you could only kick the ball, there was this game where you could pick it up and run with it, and fight along the way. Calico Storico, which was revived in 1930 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Siege of Florence… a sport probably in line with Benito Mussolini’s world view, which has nonetheless become part of modern Florentine cultural celebrations. More after the jump:

Calico Storico was revived in 1930 from a sport whose official rules were first published in 1580. The sport was a revival of the Roman sport called Harpastum, which in turn was taken from a Greek game called phaininda, all have in common a ball, a place to deliver it at either end of an arena, and two opposing packs of guys that you have to fight through if you want to score a goal. And by fight, I mean something that looks like it would put NHL Hockey to shame, with bare knuckle brawls breaking out quite spontaneously, in an open weight class, with few rules if any.

Who needs the UFC? Who needs the Olympics? Who needs Euro Footy? NHL hockey? These guys have it ALL!

Youtube has one on it here, appears to be a trailer of a feature film:

YouTube Preview Image

This sport, whatever you want to call it, does not want to die. Its team MMA with a ball. The mind boggles. The Wikipedia page linked above explains it thus:

The modern version of calcio allows tactics such as head-butting, punching, elbowing, and choking but sucker punches and kicks to the head are banned.

WHAT? No sucker punches or kicks to the head? That is awfully nice of them. Something tells me that this sport could catch on. Its nice that they allow head butting, which makes me think of that a certain match up wouldnt have resulted in a red card and could have changed the balance of things:

YouTube Preview Image

All of this leads me to belive that if Dana White wants to increase the UFC fan base in Europe, all he need do is throw a ball in the octagon to fight over. Actually, I wonder why Brazilians didnt come up with that in the first place. But maybe they have and I just havent heard of it yet.

There have already been some modern versions of the beautiful game with a little spice that have emerged elsewhere for the ADD and easily bored. There is Ultimate Tazer Ball, where you play indoor soccer with a biiiiig ball, and, wait for it, yes, you guessed it, each player has a tazer.

YouTube Preview Image

World Series of Fighting 7 Pics

Getting the nod for scorekeeper for World Series of Fighting 7 meant for once I could hang up my Nikon and do a different job for a change. Here are a few shots snapped off with my phone.


The Big show on NBC.


The view from the Scorekeepers chair. Note Ray Sefo, K1 legend and WSOF president seated in the center.


Card Girls at the fighter walk in.


Right up against the cage.

Notorious Nick Newell goes to 11-0

Notorious Nick Newell is a pro mma fighter that I saw at WSOF 7 to advance his record from 10-0 to 11-0. Nick has no left forearm. If it isnt obvious to everyone by now, he doesnt want anybody’s sympathy, he wants to fight you.

At WSOF I was there at the cage as scorekeeper for the new British Columbia Athletic Commission. I had probably heard something about Newell being on the card, but I obviously hadn’t paid attention. Watching the video on Newell on the big screen prior to the walkout, I was second guessing what I saw, did he really not have a left forearm? Once he was in the cage, I had to snap a pic with my phone.

Nick Newell

To see a fighter lacking a limb and taking MMA fight skills to the pro level is astounding. Having done years of Jiu-jitsu, I know how hard the sport is, and how much better one fighter can be over another. Newell moves fast, and uses his legs and arms at the same time, and assesses his options continually. He is impressing and schooling all of us, because without the benefit of a limb he is out-grappling and outperforming fighters who are prepared to tear him apart.

YouTube Preview Image

Newell is proving one of the ideas that the Gracies always believed in: that a smaller weaker opponent applying their martial art could defeat a larger, stronger opponent. So if your game is shit, suffice to say it isnt due to the soap you washed your kimono with. You are going to need to train harder, smarter, and more regularly.

Here is a little more about Notorious Nick:

YouTube Preview Image

Aaand to finish off, some highlights:

YouTube Preview Image

If it isnt obvious to everyone by now, he doesnt want anybody’s sympathy, he wants to fight you.